MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment)

Detection of mild cognitive impairment.

Previous screening tolls, like the MMSE, do not adequately detect mild cognitive impairment.

The Test:
The test is availabe online in several languages here:

In the original study (Nasreddine 2005) using a cutoff score of 26 the sensitivity was 90% for MCI and 100% for AD. Specificity was 87% in both groups.

In another study (Smith 2007), in a memory clinic setting, sensitivity was 83% for MCI and 94% for AD. However, specificity was only 50%.

A validation of a Korean version (Lee 2008), using a cutoff score of 22/23, had a sensitivity of 89% and a specificity of 84% for screening MCI. Internal consistency and test−retest reliability were good.

Another validation study (Luis 2009) examined a community-based cohort residing in the Southeastern United States for MCI. Using the cut-off score of 26, the sensitivity was 97%, but specificity was only 35%. Using a lower cut-off score of 23, sensitivity was 96% and specificity was 95%.

A validation in an oupatient cardiac and diabetic/endocrine clinics patient population was performed. (McLennan 2011) The presence of MCI was determined using the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery Screening Module (NAB-SM). Using a cutoff of 24, sensitivity for amnestic MCI was 100% and for multiple-domain MCI it was 83.3%. Specificity rates for amnestic MCI and multiple-domain MCI were 50.0% and 52% respectively.

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